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Working with Scott on the development and launch of The Pier Shops is a definite high-point of my career. Scott's accessibility and reliability was a constant, treating me and my entire company as nothing less than true partners throughout the process.

Daniel Jasper
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Clear Channel Branded Cities

Scott is a visionary who makes dreams into reality. He is able to focus on the bigger picture and deliver amazing results. Throughout the many challenges and setbacks that occur in development, Scott is able to keep his cool, a level head and most of all maintains his integrity. Most of all he is results driven and makes things happen.

Bennett Hong
Project Manager, Store planning and development, Louis Vuitton North America


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Gordon Retail Concepts LLC

149 South Barrington Ave, #783
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Tel: 888-853-8228




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Gordon Retail Concepts

Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon is Owner and President of Gordon Retail Concepts, LLC, an authorized Starbucks Licensee and developer of retail entertainment properties. Until the end of 2007, Mr. Gordon was President and Director of Development of Gordon Group Holdings...

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