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I would recommend Scott as a leader and a man with great integrity. I had the privilege of watching his creation of The Pier at Caesars in Atlantic City from start to finish.

Adam Weiss
Associate Vice President-Investments, Wachovia Securities

Gordon Retail Concepts outstanding service levels and product offerings are a perfect match for our business. In designing, building and operating the Starbucks, they have always been a tremendous partner. Our customers love the Starbucks outlet just as much as we are enjoying our productive relationship with Gordon Retail Concepts.

Mark Juliano
Former CEO Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.


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Starbucks Latest Designs – Wired Magazine

Author : Scott Gordon | Date : January 08, 2014


Last November, Starbucks opened a new store, just like they’d already done more than 1,700 times in 2013. Like the Starbucks you pass on your way to work, this new coffee shop has everything you need for your caffeine consumption ritual: a coffee bar, cozy lounge and enough coffee choices to make you wired for days on end.

Only there’s a minor difference: This new Starbucks is on a moving train.

The coffee behemoth partnered up with Swiss train company SBB to convert a double-decker train car into a store that people could visit during their workday commute. Logistically speaking, it’s a smart move; instead of making busy customers come to them, they figured, why not just go to the customers? “It’s all about us meeting our customers where they are in their day,” says Bill Sleeth, Starbuck’s vice president of design for the Americas.

You could read the sentiment as just another one of the company’s plays for worldwide caffeine domination, but the intense customization of stores is actually an ongoing effort to make the Starbucks brand a little less brand-y. “What you don’t want is a customer walking into a store in downtown Seattle, walking into a store in the suburbs of Seattle and then going into a store in San Jose, and seeing the same store,” Sleeth explains. So how do you make the world’s largest coffee house feel like a neighborhood haunt? The answer: good design. Click here to read more.


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Gordon Retail Concepts

Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon is Owner and President of Gordon Retail Concepts, LLC, an authorized Starbucks Licensee and developer of retail entertainment properties. Until the end of 2007, Mr. Gordon was President and Director of Development of Gordon Group Holdings...

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