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Scott is a visionary who makes dreams into reality. He is able to focus on the bigger picture and deliver amazing results. Throughout the many challenges and setbacks that occur in development, Scott is able to keep his cool, a level head and most of all maintains his integrity. Most of all he is results driven and makes things happen.

Bennett Hong
Project Manager, Store planning and development, Louis Vuitton North America

Working with Scott on the development and launch of The Pier Shops is a definite high-point of my career. Scott's accessibility and reliability was a constant, treating me and my entire company as nothing less than true partners throughout the process.

Daniel Jasper
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Clear Channel Branded Cities


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The Life and Times of Starbucks

Author : Scott Gordon | Date : July 21, 2012

Starbucks came to life in Seattle in 1971. It began first on Western Avenue then moved to a narrow shop on Pike Place Market. It offered a range of freshly roasted coffee beans, purchased directly from growers around the world. The original founders were two teachers and a writer who wanted to create a romantic atmosphere where customers could enjoy high quality coffee and a warm and inviting place to spend time with friends. In 1982 current CEO, Howard Schultz,  joined the team. After a few breaks from the company over the years, he has returned time and again to lead the company with a level of passion and integrity that is reflected in the Starbucks ethos. In 1992 the business became a public company traded on the NASDAQ.

Vision and Expansion

Starbucks coffeeHoward Shultz’s vision of the ‘unique Starbucks experience’ has driven the business to expand to the global business leader it is today, while remaining true to its roots and core values. He places a huge importance on the ethics of the business, ensuring Starbucks upholds its responsibilities to the environment, society and the local communities it serves. He has also driven a company philosophy of ensuring excellence in the products and consistency of experience in the stores while maintaining a distinctive local feel to each branch. These seemingly opposite values are what give Starbucks its ‘third place’ feel, the space people go to outside of home and work to engage with other people and enjoy the ‘Starbucks experience’ of a great cup of coffee in good company.

In 1996 Starbucks expanded outside of North America and opened its first store in Japan. Today they have more than 15,000 stores in over 50 countries. This ability to be successful in such a culturally diverse range of markets is attributed to good communication with customers and the local community. Each store is developed to meet the needs and desires of its local niche. The coffee beans used and the way each cup of coffee is made and served meet a set of high standards. This enables the quality of the product to be consistent across all stores but the atmosphere and character of each branch is different. Each Starbucks store has a unique identity, shaped by the baristas, clientele and local community.


Respect for people and the environment have been at the heart of Starbucks’ philosophy throughout the company’s growth. It has made a commitment to being a responsible business, applying Fairtrade principles to its purchasing and regularly reporting on its corporate social and environmental performance. A big part of this ethic is the company’s responsibility to its employees, which it takes very seriously. A full health care package has been offered to employees and their partners since 1988 and despite pressure in tough economic conditions, the company has held on to this benefit.

The Starbucks Foundation was established in 1997, which began with supporting community literacy programs, and now has expanded to include work across the world. This includes programs to nurture young leaders, provide clean water to communities in developing countries, support local communities through education, conservation work and community service projects and to create social development projects for the tea, cocoa and coffee producing communities where it purchases its beans.

From recycling initiatives to unlimited wifi available in US stores, the company has been leading the market in offering customers unique, quality experiences and products. The winning combination of responsible, locally tailored business growth has contributed to making Starbucks the globally renowned brand it is today.

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Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon is Owner and President of Gordon Retail Concepts, LLC, an authorized Starbucks Licensee and developer of retail entertainment properties. Until the end of 2007, Mr. Gordon was President and Director of Development of Gordon Group Holdings...

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