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Scott Gordon understands business and management as well as anyone. His track record of success speaks – forcefully and eloquently – for itself.

Tim Fitzgerald
General Counsel, Gordon Group

I would recommend Scott as a leader and a man with great integrity. I had the privilege of watching his creation of The Pier at Caesars in Atlantic City from start to finish.

Adam Weiss
Associate Vice President-Investments, Wachovia Securities


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Starbucks Winning Recipe

Author : Scott Gordon | Date : July 19, 2012

Across the world, the Starbucks phenomenon is recognized as a fantastic example of how to develop, grow and nurture a business in the digital age. The number of Starbucks branches across the world and on every corner in the USA is a testament in itself to their huge success. The reputation of their products and the spaces they create for customers to enjoy their coffee have driven the rise of the company to become a global brand icon and an acknowledgement of their being a ‘company with a soul‘. This reputation has been built upon their high quality coffee, exceptional customer service and enjoyment of the ‘Starbucks experience’. Both their staff and customers exhibit a passion for their products, which is infectious and creates a buzz around each community’s local store.

The Keys To Success

Starbucks CoffeeSuch success has come from the solid base from which the company operates. The key to their success lies in attention to detail and consistency in delivery. They have built a reputation for listening to what their customers want and taking action to deliver it. This ability to listen, receive and respond to feedback from customers has grown from the importance placed on communication by the company. They believe it is important to have good communication between their staff and the customer and between the customers themselves in their coffee shops. This is a huge part of what creates the atmosphere within the stores and brings people into their branches time and again.

They have also always had a global outlook, from ensuring high quality products using a wide range of coffee bean varieties from across the world, through to the company’s expansion into over 50 countries. Inspired by the quality of coffee and atmosphere in Italian coffee bars, their founder has always been looking outwards for inspiration. However, they have maintained the key marketing principle of tailoring their product, space and in store experience to the local market. Once again, communication, interaction with the local community and an ongoing dialogue with customers has been essential to keep this principle alive. It is a great achievement for the company that it has managed to maintain its reputation for consistency while making each branch a product of its particular community.

Starbucks attribute their success to their ability to build personal human connections within their branches, with customers, amongst their staff and between the customers themselves. The passion their staff and customers have for the product is shared and communicated in a way that draws more people into the store and creates the unique experience each branch provides. The staff and customer buy-in that this passion generates contributes to each store’s ability to fit to the local niche and reflect the interests, tastes and atmosphere of its local community. The warm feeling within the stores that is created within this atmosphere is a huge draw for customers and enables Starbucks stores to become a ‘home away from home’ for customers and staff alike.

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Gordon Retail Concepts

Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon is Owner and President of Gordon Retail Concepts, LLC, an authorized Starbucks Licensee and developer of retail entertainment properties. Until the end of 2007, Mr. Gordon was President and Director of Development of Gordon Group Holdings...

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